I'm so glad you're here! I'm looking forward to our session and I just wanted to give you a few tips for planning outfits.

  1. Wear something comfortable.
  2. Be true to your personal style.
  3. Match your environment.
  4. Try to coordinate but, it doesn't have to match.

For starters- don't stress too much about outfits. I really mean it. Outfits are important, HOWEVER- I still think clients have a tendency to overthink the outfit situation. All we are trying to do is make sure no one is wearing something distracting, and that you look nice and are comfy. Once that is achieved- your work is done.

My first tip, which is very important for families, is wear something comfortable. I'm a very candid photographer and I want you to be able to play with your children and move around. So leave the high heels at home :) If you can run around in some cute boots or booties, that's fine but, high heels in grass are no one's friend! Also make sure that you can move in it and sit down. Same for the kiddos. If you want your daughter to wear a dress, just make sure she can play in it and still keep undies covered.

I also encourage you to be true to your personal style! Wear something you actually like and feel good in. Don't get caught up in trends or what you think you should wear.

Another important tip: try to match your environment. If you're interested in a natural location, clothing that is more romantic or boho typically makes more sense. Soft or subdued color palates and subtle prints. If you like more modern clothing and cool shoes, maybe we could shoot downtown or in the studio. At home session? Keep it casual and simple like jeans and a sweater or even a cute lounge set. I'm really big on the photos looking authentic. Blending in with where you are will really help with that.

Last, and what I think stresses people out the most- coordinating everyone's outfits! Haha! Look really its simpler than it seems. First of all, no one has to match. Just pick a color family like all pastel, or jewel tones, or Fall tones etc. Try to make sure everyone is in the same color family. Then, just add in denims, khakis and neutral colors to fill in where you need to and break things up. Throw in a couple prints or different textures if you can. That's it. Throw it on the bed together. Does anything look ridiculous or out of place? Nope? Then you did your job!

As always I am here if you need help! You can email me or text me pictures for a second opinion any time! See you soon!