“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us”

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I'm Christi Martin Nutt, a portrait photographer based in Shreveport, LA. I've had a camera in my hand for well over a decade and have no plans to put it down anytime soon.
I have a candid style and a laid back vibe. I love capturing honest moments and telling stories through imagery. This is the only job I've ever wanted, even as a child. So, I'm just out here living my dream and enjoying every bit of it. I hope we can work together soon.

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Chelby Z.

“Christi is absolutely amazing. Beautiful inside and out and so talented. Christi has shot basically all my greatest life moments and has given me the most amazing memories I'll have to cherish forever and she without a doubt is always willing to find a way to "work my last minute lazy Mom self" into her schedule. She's simply... amazing. If you are looking for some honest images to help you flash back to those extra special moments, Christi can give you just that!”

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