How do you photograph families?

I love capturing honest and candid moments. Therefore I try to focus on capturing your real interactions, tiny details and authentic laughs. My sessions include lots playing and exploring. I try not to over pose and while I will encourage your children to smile, it is not priority. I believe that seeing pictures of your authentic personalities will mean the most to you, now and even more with each passing day.

When do you photograph families?

Mostly Monday-Thursday, usually 1-2 hours before sunset, if it's an outdoor session. In-home sessions are typically photographed between 9am-3pm when homes are generally brightest. I do offer a rare weekend appointment, but I try and reserve weekends for my personal and family time.

Can you help us plan outfits?

Yes! Absolutely. Happy to make suggestions and look at any options may have in mind. I do my best to give each family some direction and help take the stress out of choosing outfits!