Senior Style Guide

Set the Tone

What to Wear

This is the fun part! Picking your outfits will set the tone for your entire session. What you pick to wear will influence the type of images we're able to get and the location that will work best. When choosing attire, I tell my clients to remember three things:

1. Be true to your personal style!

2. Match the environment.

3. Be conscious of colors.

be true to yourself

So first, be true to yourself! That's an easy one. Don't get too caught up in a trend or what you "think" you should wear. You'll feel best in something that feels like "you". But don't worry, there are lots of ways to do that. Below are some tips and tricks to look your best, no matter your personal style.

match your environment

Second, and possibly THE most important tip- match your environment! If you requested an "outdoorsy" or "natural" location keep in mind these are rustic locations. We shoot in the woods, in tall grass, we hop streams and climb hills :) So you'll want to wear clothes you can get around in (mainly shoes). Beyond that, I want you to look like you blend in a little. I want to actually put you IN the tall grass, run, sit down, etc. Your session will have a better flow and you will get a lot more variety. You can still be "dressed up"- but just remember what will look more fitting. For the ladies this is going to be more boho or romantic. Think flowy dresses and maxi skirts and jeans. Floral prints. pastels and earth tones. Boots, booties, flats, etc. Bring on the cute hats, scarves, you can even braid your hair real quick for a few pictures if you want! I'm here for it!

For the guys, this is even easier. Think jeans, flannels, a nice casual jacket. Even a nice v-neck T is just fine. clothes with texture like sweaters are nice too. Layers are always a plus if it's not too hot.

If you're interested in dressy, form fitted clothing, a downtown backdrop or studio location may be best. Downtown has a lot of versatility that will give you more options with restrictive clothing. Also, concrete is high heel friendly so wear whatever shoes you want! If you requested a downtown backdrop, but want to wear casual clothes, that's ok too! It's a flexible space.

If all of the above is conflicting for you, please let me know! We can talk about locations that are in-between these two things. We may want to explore some venues and garden options. Also, your outfit might be mostly ok, and we just need to accessorize it a little differently! 


Last, be color conscious! Ultra bright colors can be difficult to photograph in natural locations. Hot pink, neon shades, royal blue, usually don't photograph the best. For most situations I recommend more neutral or subdued tones. Like earthy tones or pastels like I mentioned above. If you prefer a pop of color, just think of more rich hues like, deep red, navy, emerald, teal, etc. You just want to stay away from more "primary" shades.  Also, don't be afraid of prints! Subtle prints photograph great and can add a lot of interest.

Have your heart set on bright or edgy colors? That's ok! I would just recommend we choose a studio or downtown location. We'll be able to find more clean and neutral backdrops that will balance the images, giving your shoot a chic, modern vibe!

Below are some color examples. This is by no means the only colors I recommend, but I feel like it will give you a better idea!


Great options for outdoorsy locations, especially for the girls.

Earthy & Neutral

Neutrals tend to photograph well in any environment!

rich & Vibrant

Color is ok! Just stick to more sophisticated shades that won't take the focus off of you or over power your images.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help choosing outfits. If you feel overwhelmed, you are also more than welcome to bring a whole bunch of options with you to your shoot and we can pick something on the spot together! You can bring a whole suitcase if you want, I don't mind at all ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I can't wait to work together!